Rave Reviews

Kathleen has been a fantastic leadership coach and has been my source when I find myself "stuck". The greatest thing about Kathleen is her approach. Whenever I come to her with a dilemna, she doesn't tell me the solution. Instead, she leads me through my thought process and I get to reach the conclusion on my own. Kathleen has had a large impact on my leadership journey and I highly recommend her coaching skills!

Rebecca Kwong

Kathleen is such an amazing coach because she pulls out what is inside of me without forcing it. And she has this amazing way of making me accountable in the lowest key way. There is never this "I'm not getting everything done" feeling but there is a gentle accountability presence that keeps me thinking and moving.

Xavier Bettencourt

Thank you for your excellent facilitation of our team building activities. I think that we all went into it dreading the loss of productive time. However, I have heard nothing but positive comments.  We anxiously await your next visit!

Covered California Service Center


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